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Companies are registered in the NOTC system at the request of a member firm. This entails an initial assessment of whether it can be assumed that the company's shares will be traded so that registration can be justified. The member firm must have carried out the investigations of the company required by the provisions of legislation and regulations relating to "Know your customer" and money laundering.

The minimum requirements for registration on the NOTC list are:

  • A market capitalisation of at least NOK 20 million based on the last share issue price (the company will not be deleted from the NOTC list even if its market capitalisation should later fall below the aforementioned level)
  • A history of more than one year (a continuation of operations in a new company may be considered)
  • More than 50 shareholders – preferably external ones (apart from founders, management and employees)

The requirements for registration on the Family & Friends list are:

  • The company is a small company and / or a "startup company"
  • The company's shares are electronically registered in VPS or in another shareholder register
  • The company has a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code

All companies on the NOTC lists must comply with the regulations of NOTC. Registered companies will have access to a messaging system where the companies themselves can distribute price-related and other company information. Information published by the companies on the NOTC lists will also be distributed to our information distributors.

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