About NOTC

NOTC is a marketplace for unlisted shares. NOTC AS is owned 100% by Oslo Børs ASA. To adapt to the structure of the other Euronext marketplaces, Oslo Børs has changed the name NOTC to Euronext NOTC.


Inquiries regarding use and support of the NOTC system can be addressed to:

Per Broch Mathisen (managing director)
Email: post@notc.no
Telephone: +47 23 11 17 41

The Board

The board of NOTC AS consists of Øivind Amundsen (Chair of the board, President and CEO of Oslo Børs) and Tom Kristoffersen (Board member and EVP Secondary Market at Oslo Børs).

Office address

Postal address

Fjordalléen 16

Postboks 1501 Vika

0117 Oslo



(+47) 23 11 17 41